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Her eyes lit with hope
The dark oppressing the single flame
Small boots loud on the wooden floor
Quietly making her way through the winding halls
She searches for the one room.

"Nonsense" they told her "Quit lying"
They did not believe her, they did not even listen!
They could no longer be curious
The war had taken their innocence, their childhood

Not her, she would not let go
She would hold on, fight with nail and tooth
She would war with War, and she would win
Her world would be her weapon

She found the doorway
Crept into the thick darkness
No life was thrumming this time
It was just her and the small flame of hope

It was enough to cast a light pallor
Unto the gleaming mahogany
Her breath quickened, her heart stuttered
Her hands shook as she twisted the dull brass

The wood opened before her
A cool breath blew out the flame
Her eyes widened felicitously
Hope thrived in this dark room
She entered the wood
To embrace her innocent destiny
Another Chronicles of Narnia inspired piece ^^

The scene where Lucy sneaks out of bed to go check on the wardrobe...beautifully done. With the music that was playing, just epic.

I've always wondered though, what was Lucy thinking? Was she afraid her siblings were right and she was just imagining things?
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April 28, 2011
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